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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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split than i expect it. juliet: really ? >> let's be honest, donald trump came out on top. no big surprise. the other candidates are looking on the bright side as they come away with strong victories. bernie sanders lost pretty big. he picked up a few states. we will have a live report on all the nights events. juliet: is not scott kelly is back home after spending one year in space. ben: would love to see how he's going to walk. ben: with a fly him home in a military jet ?juliet: i flew one of those down to guantanamo bay when i was a
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100 years ago i don't remember. ben: some of them don't even have windows. good morning, i am ben simmoneau . juliet: i am juliet huddy . michael, temperatures are dropping . mike: don't be full. don't be full. do you remember that song? let's tell you what we have going on here. this was a butter commercial. we will find that one. we find it. i will tell you what's happening there. we have temperatures coming to the tri-state region. it is wednesday. good morning.
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when the cold front comes through with a decent amount of showers and storms.coming into the lower hudson valley with some heavy pockets of rain. that's what we are dealing with through the morning commute. i don't think it sticks around for too long . we have rain coming in this morning and there is a pretty strong wind gusting at about 45 50 miles per hour. pretty solid wind doing some damage in terms of tree limbs and power lines. i know it would clear out was falling temperatures. normally do we see rain but there is a good amount of cold air behind the front that knocks the temperatures down a lot . mulch colder weather is on the way with light snow that's moved up to thursday night and friday. how much we get out of it
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does look promising. here is the radar and satellite. there is a back edge of the wet weather. it's coming through pennsylvania and it's moving fairly quickly. we don't expect for it to be too long .just for several hours as it pushes through. we have colder air coming to the tri-state region and that's why we are staying with temperatures are not going up, they are going down. we are back to clear skies at noon and it's 430. 53 right now so we are just rocking dropping away. it will be windy at the same time as we go through the next seven days. clear and dry with a higher six and 35 with snow showers in the area . the weekend is looking cool but dry. that's ring and ines and
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>> were dealing with wet roads. look at the staten island expressway. no problems westbound. let's tell you about the map . the trains are doing fine this morning. heading towards westbound there is. restrictions in place and there is no problem in grand central pkwy. the bq is clear in both directions.hillary clinton gets ready for a rally and donald trump is the big winner on the republican side. pretty good night for ted cruz. robert joins us in the newsroom. >> pretty interesting. let's start with the republicans. let's point your attention
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no surprise there. ted cruz picked up some important wins. some of the key states are oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio picked up a win in minnesota. let's switch over to the democrats. hillary clinton had full of wins and bernie sanders had did get vermont but also picked up a few more. without bernie sanders could win massachusetts right near vermont but hillary clinton got that. it was a great night for her and trump . >> it's been an amazing evening. donald trump coasted to victory in the majority of
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he won easily in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee. he got closer victories in virginia. his appeal is not confined to one region or demographic. >> i am a unifier. once we get finished, we will go after one person, hillary clinton. ted cruz got texas and oklahoma and alaska as well.he called on the field to unite behind him . >> along the field remains divided , donald trump's that would be a disaster for republicans. marco rubio got a win in minnesota. it's nearly impossible for him to secure the nomination but he did not sound like a candidate who's ready to drop out.
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as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton cemented her status as the likely nominee winning and arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas in virginia. she demonstrated her widespread appeal .she did well in the diverse southern state . she mocked trumps campaign. america never stopped being great! [cheering]. we have to make america whole . >> bernie sanders one and hold in vermont , minnesota. he says he will fight on. >> 35 states remain. let me assure you that we will take our fight for
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justice, environmental and sanity in a world of peace ! it doesn't sound like the field has narrowed at all. we don't know what john kasich and johnston carson will do. the path forward for them is nearly impossible. we heard from hillary clinton who hosted a super tuesday rally at 5:45 pm. that will be given last night's results. the primary here new york doesn't take place until april 19. it's never too early. >> thank you, robert. ben and i are looking at twitter.the comments about chris christie are classic. we'll talk about that with
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one lawsuit challenging ted cruz's eligibility gets the rough court and another begins here in new york . two new yorkers are suing the board of elections were trying to get cruz off of the april ballot . they began hearing arguments yesterday. the issue is that cruz was born in canada to a cuban father and american mother making him an american by birth. he is not natural born ad as it as it is worded in the constitution. a judge in so cargo dismissed a technical suit saying a copy of it wasn't getting to cruz. six of them banded together an issue with a joint editorial calling for chris christie to resign. it was published in the press and it labeled christie as an arrogant opportunist prompted by
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in which he refused to answer questions about anything other than his nomination of a state supreme court judge. the paper said his endorsement donald trump was lost the last straw. scott kelly is back on earth. kelly and his russian counterpart landed and cause extend before midnight . it's 3 and a half hours after departing the international space station. >> you can get there like you are going to d.c. >> they circled the world more than 5400 times and they went on a mission happen last march. scientists are hoping for year-long missions as nassau looks ahead to trips to mars. they are studying how it affected the body. biologically, physically, mentally.
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morning and it's really strong gusty wind . it didn't seem too bad. i think it will be windy later on.
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the you going and out the door. temperatures are pretty mild for the time being but they are expected to come down through the next several hours. temperatures will be falling away at 550 now . newark is at 560 and 46 in monticello. let's get a look at with the wind gusts are doing. we are expecting pretty gusty wind as the cold gusty wind as the cold front passes through. it's 32 in allentown and we have a wind gust out there in providence rhode island. we had a startup late last night. they are bringing in the heaviest showers coming through over the next few hours.only from now until 7:00. the heaviest comes through
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bit drying out after that. we will see more sunshine later this morning. the cold front passes by and it will be a soggy morning can't. the warm front has already gone through and with the rain coming through in the cold front not too far behind we will see a change in your temperatures. showers this morning with rain up until about 9:00 am. at noon you have more sunshine out there with temperatures continuing to fall into the lower 40s. there is a live interactive radar and you can track the temperatures. let's bring in ines and see
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still a bit wet out there for sure. >> you can look at the drainage areas. it's norwalk heading to nh and we can go to mac parkway. queens is doing good on the lie. it's all moving fine. let's take a look at our cameras here by wellwood. you have to be careful westbound and eastbound. in the george washington bridge, everything looks good. >> thank you very much. there is an increase in flashings and crime on the subway. looks like more police protection will take place underground. there is a report that police will have an increased presence on the subway train.
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>> the nypd is beefing up security over night putting a cop on every train. it's patrolling each one, car by car. it's between 8:00 p.m. and it comes as flashings are reported with major he felony crime up 36% for the first month of 2016. it follows initiatives to wake sleeping strap hangers who does off increases the transit cops on patrol during all hours. >> the post reports that the manhattan transit will pull 50 cops from around the city and put them on the overnight train duty. the officers will travel all throughout the city and the idea is to show faith on every car and every
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it's a tactic that used around nypd history when crime creeps up. the last time i was deployed was before 2013. the shift will be on a volunteer basis right now. there's a shortage of cops trying to step up and new york's finest will be a signed to the tax task at hand. we will talk about super tuesday here in the studio. here is curtis . curtis: i should be the police commissioner. what did i say? cops are doing horizontal patrols.they walk their way up through the moving cars. didn't i say that? >> think you said that as a response to someone who tweeted it or someone on the street who is interviewed in one of the passages that are reported. >> it's one of the days that you are not here. we got into it and he said he hasn't been seeing any
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his last time you saw one. you listen! you didn't just say it is an anomaly for its people sleeping on the train. you are a dollar short and a day late. you should apologize to all of us ! one of our reporters sent me this last night. she said she was on one of the trains and it's a little red blip here it's curtis! how did i miss her? she's gorgeous! >> let's talk about taking a seat on the subway. the quality of life offense with public urination and public drunkenness. you will get a summons. remember that guy spitting into the tracks and they found out when they pinch the guy that he was wanted on a murder at ? it won't happen any longer. that's an outstanding warrant. this will start slipping through the cracks.
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back in the days. they put a stop to that and he got arrested for the smallest offense. they brought you into the precinct and they made you feel like your public enemy number one unless you give them information. this is how we slip into the abyss. it's your mayor, bill de blasio. it's the speaker of the city council. >> it's wacky wednesday. it's post-super tuesday. trump and clinton did well. i feel like the headline that's coming out of this is governor christie of new jersey. he was at the trump rally. >> it was behind donald trump. >> do yourself a favor. >> it's hysterical. he is a very strange vibe to him. everyone is looking at what
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>> it seems like he is there . >> we were growing up and i am sure you went to it with alfred lee newman. where you knew in columbus? >> why are you standing side-by-side with donald trump? why don't you do your job ? go back at the taxpayers expense and show up in trenton every day. save your state from falling into total disregard and chaos. >> it was kind of the fact that he refused whether or not to announce if you wanted to be the vice president. the people of new jersey hired you until 2018. don't they deserve an explanation? >> i think he was rude in the way he talked to the person i was interviewing him. it was a governor's program. ask the governor.
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me that? >> you know what he likes about trump ?the buffet . the spread. the trump airline . you see how fat he has gotten? fat ! >> he lives at his home in mendham. >> he is not in mendham. christie, resign! >> it's the drive at five. thank you. we really appreciate it! >> still ahead . it's the ring in the towel.
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time for sports. >> good morning blue. we are trying to brighten up the day. it's a little bit dreary outside.sorry to start off with the good news. damien willard and the portland trail blazers in new york take on carmelo anthony and the next.
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grabs the ball to dunk it . he was rejected by the rams. it wouldn't have counted anyway. >> in the second quarter, he threw the ball out of bounds and they react by throwing a beer! he pulls the next within three. he is not the end of his 10 day contract. he did play the final three minutes and finished with four points. >> the next sufferer their 15th loss in 18 games. carmelo told the fans to ask for his money back. let's go out to la with kobe bryant in his final season. we receive it from the nets pregame. he did not play last night with a second straight game. in the third quarter, he knocks down the 3-pointer. it's a clinic that the lakers put on .it's the
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drives and scores. he finishes with a career-high 89 points. under two minutes to go, brooklyn gets a chance here and it's thaddeus young cutting the lead to one to the nets. angela russell has another three and the lakers be the nets in la at 107/101. he was yelling about heckling carmelo. i said look, go talk to jim dolan about it.
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minutes away . (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the excpected. play scratch-off games from the
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see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". juliet: wind scares me. it makes me feel like the building is being knocked
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won't be knocked over. it makes you feel cozy. >> it scares me. it makes me worry that when i'm driving i'll be blown off the bridge. it makes me feel like i will be thrown onto traffic . hold onto your hats. we will have a windy day with rain continuing. michael, tells about the wind advisory. >> donald trump shows he has a widespread appeal on super tuesday. he won all across the country with ted cruz and marco rubio claiming victory in their own way. >> hillary clinton came up big. bernard sanders feeling president. >> to armed roberts robbers and queens and brooklyn.


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